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Sell Your Surgical Instruments

Sell Your Surgical Instruments


We purchase new and used surgical instruments!  

Instruments as a whole, are hard to sell and difficult to deal with. Some instruments are very valuable and desirable while some are not worth their weight in steel. So, how do you know what they're worth?

We have an easy process for determining the value of your instruments and we're happy to share the retail value and wholesale value of your instruments, so you can make an informed decision before selling them.

If you decide to sell them to us, we will make all logistical and shipping arrangements so you don't have to worry about how to handle this.

*Please note that we only purchase name brand, German grade instruments. We do not buy Pakistani or floor grade instruments.

Please send us an email with the information listed below and we'll be happy to give you an offer.

Information To Include When Emailing Information About Your Instruments

  1. Manufacturer name or names. (For Example: Aesculap, Codman, Miltex, Jarit, Storz, etc)
  2. Estimated quantity.
  3. Please include some photos to give us an idea of what you have available.